Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small Beginnings

Okay, first post in a new blog that I hope to keep up with detailing a lot of things.

My most recent cut of my demo reel. I'm currently in a class that will help me improve it. This is just a quick and dirty run down of what I consider some of my strongest pieces recently at SCAD.

Doodled a Nomster [(Mon)ster backwards]
I assume a friendly monster would be a Nomster!

Okay, as for my senior film:

It details the story of a french boy who wants to improve his cooking skills, so he enters a cooking competition. However, when his food doesn't taste as desired, he has to overcome the disappointment in himself in order to keep trying.

A model sheet of the character from my senior film "Mijoté"

An art direction piece for my film. I want the bold colors and chalk style
rendering because it relates to childhood and the beginnings of art.

This is a general blog displaying any art I would like to show from my own efforts to improve as an artist, my film, or any fun images I feel should be shared. Enjoy!

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