Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 2 - Watercolor

My second attempts at watercolors! The beautiful painting in the bottom left was a demo done by my watercolor teacher missngomer! I think judging by my second try in the top right im getting better! Yay, what a fun medium.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Watercolor xp +10

I've started learning how to use watercolor! It's a really fun medium that i used to regard as flimsy, drippy, and frustrating. However, someone very close to me showed me that watercolor is pretty cool, you just have to know how to use it! (i was also using cheap brushes and paints when i watercolored in my youth.)

Below (i think, im using the app for the first time and im still getting the hang of it.) is my test sheet to test brushes pigments and mixings. Essentially i was acclamating myself with the medium. Then i painted a leaf and started over cause i didnt like the color i mixed. Getting blends on the paper is tough but i think that's what i want to work on next! Watercolor-ho!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Major Update!

Here is the latest cut of my Demo Reel! It is a compilation of some of my best works for my own work as well as for others.

Shot List:
Shot 1: 03:00 - 05:15 ~ Jump and Run for Lane Ngo's film "Olive"
Shot 2: 05:16 - 08:11 ~ Frenchy hops up, grabs wine bottle, and jumps down for my film "Mijoté"
Shot 3: 08:12 - 13:16 ~ Frenchy walks to the stove, steps up then sets his pot down for my film "Mijoté"
Shot 4: 13:17 - 19:03 ~ Mickey Mouse tries to move a heavy ball but has to improvise
Shot 5: 19:04 - 21:04 ~ Charlie Brown informs us of his Mountain Dew addiction
Shot 6: 21:05 - 27:05 ~ Two segments from credits for Erica Lopez's film "Hooward"
Shot 7: 27:06 - 30:22 ~ Two shots from my 2D Production film "Ant That a Coincidence?"

As well, here is a PDF of my Résumé:
Jake Mittleman Résumé
I've also been diligently working on my film "Mijoté"
The animation is coming along. I recently edited the story down per one of my professor's suggestions and it looks much clearer and easier to understand.

Here's my latest rough cut of my film. Unfortunately I need to keep it private, but if you have the password, enter it in and enjoy!

Here's a clip from my film that everyone can see. (I wouldn't leave you guys out!)

This is a WIP painting I've started doing for fun.
From Rough to Refined
I wanted the frog to have a cartoon look but still have the anatomy of a frog. In other words...
Michigan J. Frog is a good example of what I thought was "too human"

Frenchy's Hidden Intentions

I'm about halfway through the quarter and it's time to start experimenting with how I want the film to look. I have a grasp on painting the environment (however I need to learn how to animate in Photoshop so I can paint in it.), however painting the character is a different story. He can't be painted exactly the same, but I want the style seen in the art direction in the previous post.

This is also just practice for my painting skills.

Also, I've been doing quite a bit of life drawing/observation drawing. Improving Improving.




It's an ongoing process, and I really enjoy seeing my progress and improvement!



Some character design concepts and studies I did for our local Digital Cell professor Michael Jantze's short "A Bump in the Night". The girls are concept drawings and the monster with horns (who's name is Boog) are studies and experiments with moving the character around.

And that's all she wrote! More updates coming soon! I am currently working on a flatbook and will post updates on how that is going as soon as I have them!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small Beginnings

Okay, first post in a new blog that I hope to keep up with detailing a lot of things.

My most recent cut of my demo reel. I'm currently in a class that will help me improve it. This is just a quick and dirty run down of what I consider some of my strongest pieces recently at SCAD.

Doodled a Nomster [(Mon)ster backwards]
I assume a friendly monster would be a Nomster!

Okay, as for my senior film:

It details the story of a french boy who wants to improve his cooking skills, so he enters a cooking competition. However, when his food doesn't taste as desired, he has to overcome the disappointment in himself in order to keep trying.

A model sheet of the character from my senior film "Mijoté"

An art direction piece for my film. I want the bold colors and chalk style
rendering because it relates to childhood and the beginnings of art.

This is a general blog displaying any art I would like to show from my own efforts to improve as an artist, my film, or any fun images I feel should be shared. Enjoy!